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Makgadikadi Pan
The Makgadikgadi is a unique salt pan in the world. The largest part is 4'921 km² vlarge while the total pan surface covers 16'057 km²  (like 39% of Switzerland!!).

The has been formed from a previously existing lake of about 60'000 km² (one of the largest if not the largest in Africa and in the world). It is not clear how the lake disappeared, probably because of plate tectonics. The salt cancentration in the lake can reach up to 5 meters in depth in certain points.

The fauna of the pan is more concentrated in the open grasslands at the borders of the pan. Zebras, Oryx, Wildebeasts and Suricates.

In the northern parts you can find palm trees that were brought from elephants migrating from the Okavango delta.
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