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Damaraland is a really scenic area of Namibia.

An untamed  beautiful region with prehistoric water  courses,. open plains and grassland, massive granite koppies and  deep gorges.

Damaraland is famous for its desert-adapted elephant, but also black rhino,  giraffes, ostriches and springbok. can be found.
The animals have adapted their  lifestyles to survive the almost  waterless desert spaces. Elephant move through euphorbia bush country,  and can travel up to 70km in a day in search of food and water.

The name Damaraland derives from the fact that the Damara people  live in this area (they were relocated here as a result of the Odendaal  Plan in the 1960's). The name Damaraland is still commonly used in  tourism circles, although the entire region has now been renamed; the  southern section now lies in the Erongo region while the north forms  part of the Kunene region.
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